Day 13

Systemise everything!

If you design and write systems and procedures for almost everything that happens in your business, you’ll become more efficient; things will get done the same way, every time; new staff will be able to pick things up so much quicker and, vitally, do things the ‘right’ way, every time.

With systems and procedures in place, you can take a back seat, delegate, go on holiday – and things will still happen. Vitally, having a ‘systems manual’ in place will mean you can scale up your business, rolling it out in new locations; new staff can be recruited and trained to follow the finely-tuned systems and procedures that you know work.

This is really how franchises operate; new franchisees are given a ‘manual’ which dictates precisely how the business is to be run – a formula that already works, a blueprint for success; what’s stopping you from writing your own blueprint so that you can hand it over to the buyer of your business?