Day 15

Build value in your data!

Data is one of the most valuable assets your business can own and opportunities are often missed to build a good, clean database that will both help generate more sales and prove appealing to buyers.

You’ll need a database to store as much relevant data as possible on leads and prospects, as well as customers, past and present. There are plenty of relatively cheap options around; you could simply use an Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Outlook, but I’d recommend something a bit more sophisticated

Get yourself a ‘customer relationship management (CRM) system that will organise your data to record, among other things, when leads were received and which marketing channel they came from. Record when your customers’ birthdays are, what football team they support – all of this data will allow you to personalise your sales messages to them.

Data analytics plays an increasingly important role; the more, meaningful information you can provide to potential buyers, the better.