Day 17

Build your online presence!

Prospective buyers could well search for you online, looking at your website and social media platforms. But what do these say about your business? Are they updated frequently? How many Facebook likes does your business have and how many LinkedIn recommendations? Bigger buyers will be really interested in this sort of thing – in fact, social media connections are, in a way, another form of data for a buyer.

Coming back to your website – how highly does the business rank in searches? How many hits does it get? How many leads does it deliver? What do you need to do to really get it working for you?

The days of websites being ‘online brochures’ are gone. Your website’s there for one of three reasons; number one, to get visitors to buy from you there and then (an e-commerce site); number two, to encourage them to leave their data (email address, name, etc.) so you can feed their details into your CRM and start the process of selling to them; and, thirdly, to encourage them to contact you (so the call to action here might be to get them to ring you for more info) – it’s important to decide which of these is the objective of your website – and then build a site that achieves it.