Day 19

Be image-conscious!

You need the image in place to inspire confidence in your business – not only for your buyer but on an ongoing basis too, of course, for your customers!

The location of your business, the state, and decoration of your premises, the way your employees dress all impact on the image your customers and, indeed, your potential buyers have. All of these things directly affect your brand. Think about your favorite restaurant or hotel and how big a role all of these factors play in determining your perception of it – well your business is just the same.

Make sure that you own and use a ‘proper’ domain name; businesses with Hotmail, Live, and Yahoo email domains look amateurish, so they’re not doing themselves any favors! And make sure that your business promotes a landline phone number rather than just a mobile number to give customers confidence and ensure they feel secure about doing business with you.

Ask for testimonials from happy customers and start displaying them everywhere – on the walls at your premises, in all your written promotional literature, on your website, and on social media platforms. Video plays a big part now in electronic media so grab your video camera or smartphone and ask customers to say a few words about your business. It’s so easy to upload a video to YouTube and there’s nothing quite as effective when trying to win new business as having happy customers looking directly down the camera lens, describing how fantastic your business is.

I just want to make a quick point on the subject of premises. Generally speaking, buyers would prefer the property from which you’re trading to be held outside your business so it’s best not to hold commercial properties in the company you’re trying to sell – and there can be some good tax reasons for this, too. Your buyer may already own a property from which they intend to continue trading or they might prefer to lease premises. It’s a business they’re looking to buy, not a business and property bundle!