Day 21

Shout loudly!

It’s very likely that the type of buyer who will be most interested in your business will be a competitor. So it makes sense to for your business to get known in the industry and to enhance its reputation amongst the major players. Make sure they hear about you, know about you and, hopefully, have respect for your brand.

Even if you’re a relatively small business, punch above your weight! So, try and encourage staff to publish articles and speak at industry events; enter your business for industry awards, and generally raise the brand profile. Consider using a good PR agency to get your brand ‘out there, maybe offering comments on topical industry stories, speaking on TV and radio. All of this really is possible, even for a small business, if you use the right approaches. And these days it’s cheaper than ever to shout from the rooftops about your business; social media platforms can also be an effective and very low-cost way of expanding the reach of your brand.

Again, it’s important to remember that it’s your business brand that you want to get known, not your personal brand -bearing in mind that you’re planning on being on a beach sometime soon!