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Brand, Web Design and Marketing

The new start-up package. Brand creation, website design, social media set-up, Trade mark and IP checks, company planning and formation with interest free finance package* Discounted price £5,000 (actual worth £7,500)

We are hosting a Lead Generation Bootcamp exclusively for The Owners Club members. You’ll be getting your lead generation muscles in fighting fit shape, banishing your fear of the phone, and overcoming objections without breaking a sweat. Included:

• Turn those ‘let’s grab a coffee’ meetings into time well spent
• Get strategic about networking events
• Use social media the right way
• Pick up the phone without breaking into a cold sweat
The team at BBE have promised this Online Bootcamp is Burpee free and will fit nicely into your lunch break. What’s not to like?

Savings of £3,799

Savings of £3,799


Do you know whether your personal and business tax affairs are arranged as efficiently as they could be? Are you claiming for everything you could? We have over a hundred questions to ask you – and you may be surprised by our answers!

To qualify for this, you’ll need to sign up for an EBA accountancy and tax package. Once you’re a client, you’ll receive free insurance cover against HMRC enquiries. That means that, if HMRC opens up an investigation into personal tax, VAT, corporation tax or PAYE, you won’t have to pay us a penny to defend you, no matter how long it takes!

Three months’ free accountancy services when signing up for one of our annual accountancy packages (capped at a total discount of £750)​

EBA will carry out an in-depth valuation of your business and provide you with a full valuation report. Normally priced at £1,500 this will be offered at just £500 to members.

EBA’s usual fee of £350 will be waived for members wishing to set up a new limited company. Assuming you’ll be using EBA for ongoing accountancy services, there will be no charge at all for the incorporation.

Many businesses that we come across do not have financial projections. Without these, there’s nothing to compare the actual performance of the business to. It’s like driving a car without knowing where you’re heading! Normally priced at £900, EBA will provide you with three years’ full financial projections for just £600.


Many of EBA’s clients have already experienced the benefit of sitting down for a couple of hours and creating a business financial modelling spreadsheet. How many new sales leads do you need to achieve a certain level of turnover? What impact would a 2% improvement in your gross profit margin have? By creating a full model, you’ll be able to see exactly what you need to achieve in your business for it to generate the profits you want.

Savings of £4,535


Free meeting to conduct financial review of Company for The Owners’ Club members together with review of options open to Company and/or business owner (solvent or insolvent).

50% discount on fee charged to assist if member of The Owners’ Club requires representation in a Liquidation, Administration, Arrangement or any insolvency procedure.

Award-winning family law firm Hall Brown are offering a completely free consultation and advisory session. This is an exclusive offer to our members.

Savings of £1,375

Operation Streamlining

Time Consulting Group specialise in analysing and improving the processes within a business. Why does it take thirty minutes to do something that could be done in ten? What impact on your costs would a change in a process have? This diagnostic session could be the start of your company saving thousands of pounds by examining and re-designing its processes.

Members are entitled to a £150 discount from Time Consulting Group’s annual webinar and seminar package.

Creating business capacity in days not weeks. 10% to 30% latent value unlocked. 

Savings of £850

Human Resources

20% discount on bespoke training packages. Training onsite or online. Choose your single topic, anything from absence management to appraisal skills, or speak to us directly about our management and supervisor skills courses. Delivered for your business, suiting your operational requirements.

Employment law is a minefield. It changes regularly. Contracts of employment need to be updated. Our partner, HR Integrated Solutions, will carry out a free review of your current contracts of employment. This is a great offer!

Savings of £1,400

Other Vital Business Services

£ 0 Total value
£ 0 Total value