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Yes! If you are on our Free or Premium membership plan, you will have the option to upgrade.

From your account page, click on subscriptions and then on the righthand side of the table you’ll see a ‘change plan’ option. Select that and choose your desired new upgrade membership plan.

From the Content Library, you will have three ways in which you can find a podcast. You can search by our designated categories of business from the dropdown box. You also have the option of searching by The Expert Name or by their company name.

Of course, you can! Our experts are always on-hand. To contact an expert simply head over to a podcast with them in it and from the podcast page, to the righthand side below their picture you will see their contact details.

You have to be a Premium or Mentor member to access this feature. You can upgrade here. If you are already on one of those membership plans, head over to your Dashboard. If you scroll down slightly, you will be able to see the latest news and upcoming webinar sign-up registration. Remember if you are on the free plan, you will not see this option.

Once a member, you will have the option of joining our private member only Facebook Group. This is where we ask all members to Introduce themselves and start making connections!

Login and head to your account page. From here head to payments. You will then see a list of your current payments and on the righthand side of the table you will see an option to download invoices.

The simple answer is, absolutely yes! Save your invoices and put them through as a company expense.

Our experts do offer discretionary offers to our membership. This will have to be discussed with them when enquiring.

You will receive updates twice per week from FOCUS, our newsletter. Giving you the latest insights into new content filmed at The Owners’ Club.

Upon sign-up you will receive an email with an exclusive link to add to your podcatcher of choice. You can view the detailed instructions here.

In-conjunction with Quack Producktions, the studio is available for hire at an exclusive rate to our membership. If you are interested in hiring out the podcasting studio to produce your own podcasts, please contact Quack Producktions here.

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